The Music Box of Clarissa

Mum made stew that mornin’. Aye, make ’em good! She tol’ me t’make shure to wash me hands, but silly fergits the well dried up days afore.

Mum let me out t’play ‘nd she grabbed me by the frock, shoutin’,

“Hark, child! Do not play South, ya understand? It’s scary ‘nd fill wif munsters. Come back fore dawn.”

I bobbed me head ‘nd told ‘er that I’d as sweet as a morg! But not play South? Crazy! She said munsters, but she’d crooked ‘er nose, so I knews she’s lyin’. Now I wunt to play South. I skipped to th’ east ’till m’house was gone, then I skipped south.

I wunt t’play wif munsters! Munsters! I bet they’re friendly munsters! But they’s got BIG TEETH, tha’ size o’ houses! So, people call ’em evil, but they like little people like me!

I gat so many flowies ‘nd put ’em in me hair! I was so pretty! A morg skitter-di-der-deed o’er t’me ‘nd we ‘ad a race! The morg beat me. Meanie. I scared ‘im ‘way ‘cuz he beat me.

I found suhm o’ th’ red berries Mum told were good. ‘Nd they’s were! Oh, I’d many ’til m’tummy yellin’ at me. Heehee! So, I’s a nap. I’s so full.

I woke t’ a cool breeze ‘nd th’ sunset. I’d t’get home.

No! I wunt t’play wif munsters!

I kept skipping South until I saw a dark’n’d wood wif black as night fog. I was scared.

But then I saw ‘nother lil’ girl just like me hidin’ behind a dark tree, watchin’ me. She’d a white frock ‘nd had long, black hair. I wunted t’be ‘er friend!

I skipped o’er t’her, but she was afraid. So, I walk slowly. I tol’ ‘er that I’s no munster, ‘nd then she smiled ‘nd grabbed me hand.

“Play wf me?” she asked. O’course I wunted to play! I grabbed ‘er arm ‘nd tried t’bring ‘er home wif me, but she fought me. She wunted t’stay ‘n the dark wood.

“No, I can’t leave. This m’home.” I got sad. I wunted a sister.

“No, don’t be sad! Here, always makes me feel better when I’m sad.” She pull from a pocket ‘neath ‘er frock a pretty my-ho-ga-nee music box. I wunted it.

“But if y’are to lissin’, you’ll be m’friend forever. M’kay?” I bobbed me head.

“Great!” She twist th’ knob o’ th’ music box ‘nd sang along wif it.

Turn me over, twist my clock,

Set me against your gentle frock

Go from within the blackened trees

Where there lies no cool or warm breeze

Help me sing pretty, humming so low

Drift to darkness, no one will know

You are my one and only friend

‘Til the end.

I’d blinked at t’end o’ ‘er song, but she poofed! I called out to m’friend, but saw just’a paperpiece lyin’ on th’ floor. It said

“Write what happened today and leave it here. Then we can play together, as friends. Love, Clarissa”

Hope mum finds this. I’m gun’ to play with m’friend!

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