Start and End Your Day Early

One thing I personally hate more than anything is feeling that I wasted my day, a day that ought not had been wasted. It makes me feel as though all that I did was for nothing. No matter how important some tasks I had done were, if I did not get the things I wanted to do and needed to do, I feel like I did not do anything at all.

A good example of this would be when I am about to have a long, full shift set in the middle of the day and, since I have a horrid sleep schedule, I would wake up mere hours before my shift and go home mere hours before I needed to go to sleep. I would simply wake up, work, go to bed. I would not do the things I wanted to do, like write and code, because I would not have enough time to do them. And, throughout my workday, I would feel upset and, of course, it would affect my work performance.

So, I decided to wake up early in the morning instead to make more time for the things I wanted to do.

What is the significance of waking early?

When you wake up early, you give yourself more time. Simple as that. This extra time gives you plenty of opportunity to do many things, or simply nothing at all. It is your time, you can choose what you do with it.

In my personal experience, nothing feels better than when all that I needed done is done before the day is over. It makes me feel accomplished and gives me plenty of time to relax, rest, and have fun doing other things that may or may not be productive. And, if I have work that day, I can confidently come to work without any worries because I had already taken care of all those things. I can leave work and not have to stress about the chores I need to still do, leaving myself plenty of time to just relax and get ready for a restful sleep.

I would feel a sense of accomplishment, not only because I got my chores out of the way, but that I could spend that time that would have been spent doing monotonous chores could be spent doing things that I like.

Even if you work early, I would make an attempt to wake even earlier than when you would go to work. So, as you would expect, this would require a key aspect:

Go to sleep earlier.

You need 8 hours of sleep. Just like when you exercise, if you do not rest your body after a hard work out, you will not receive the benefits of the hard work you put yourself through. This applies to work, school, and so many other things. Take a break. Sleep is just the biggest break you have to take in order to truly strengthen everything you have been training: your body, your mind, and your spirit.

Do not overexert yourself. Plan to work hard, but make sure to plan to rest hard, too. If you do not rest, all will be for naught.


Nothing is worse than feeling wasted, so why put yourself in a position where you feel like your days are wasted?

Enough of it.

Get up early, get some sleep, and get things done beforehand, so you can have more time to do what you want to do. You can always make more time for yourself to do things you think you ought to be doing. Don’t waste that time. Start now.

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