The Patterns of Chaos

From the movements of our atoms,

To the ebb and flow of space-time,

Everything we know and hold dear

Is dictated by a system of orderly chaos.

No matter what it may be,

There is order where there is chaos

And chaos where there is order;

Thus is the fundamental rule of the universe.

The weather strikes at a moments notice,

But does so cyclically throughout each phase.

The fires that burn through forests kill all in its way

But amidst the chaos, it does plant

And germinate the seeds of a new life, one of structure.

As science progresses past simple models,

They divulge into more chaotic phenomena

And with mathematics, create new structure models to explain it.

But as we continue forward in our quest of understanding,

We confuse the two, order and chaos, as separate entities,

Though they can be practically treated as the same.

Order is chaos, chaos is order,

Without this equality and assumptions are made

And the foundations of science weaken.

Systems of chaos can define systems of order

And systems of order can define systems of chaos,

But none can truly define that which had devised such systems.

A question no one can definitively answer with absolute confidence.


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