Taeyara, Protector of the Willow

Author: Unknown

From time afore, there was once a child who had been placed in the Anchorage as tribute to the bears of the forest, an act of divesting from the burden of youth. Before the bears could consume the child, the vie rescued her and fostered life with their impenetrable roots. They waddled the lass to meet the Ancient Weeping Willow who fathered her and gave her a name: Taeyara.

Deaf at tongue, Taeyara instead knew the language of the winds and leaves. She lived beside nature itself and tended to its every tendril of life. With her closest of companions, Loea, a silver stag, they rode around the forest planting new seeds and mourning the passing of others.

Upon the morn of her fertility, she desired to travel outside of the Anchorage, for monotony could not teach a stone covered in moss. The Willow accepted her request, but demanded she completed a trial, granting her bow, Cometlight. This trial was simple: slay the ursine that the vie had rescued her from. A lover of all forms of life, she began her journey with doubt.

Tracking the bears to their cave, she could only find the stench of rot and two men who had jumped her, intending to have their way. Cometlight shone brightly and summoned Loea. The mighty stag gouged the putrid men and he rode the naked Taeyara out of the Anchorage.

Across many Hauian lands, she had learned the way of men. She did not like the way of men. So, she traveled to the lands where men could not be found: Baerg, G’kn’kn, Waterfront, Satyrium, and Bahra. However, she was not content, for these mortals sought only to kill one another, a view that she strictly opposed.

Frustrated, Taeyara was met by the Angel of Beauty, Jasmine. The fare angel told Taeyara that her purpose was not rooted in the blood of men. She told her to trust her Central Oculus and venture forth to the Steppe of Dejection. Only then will she find her life’s purpose and truth.

She visited a viewood in the Indigenous Plains before departing, telling stories of her prior journey and of what Jasmine had advised of her. Although they did not tell her, the vie feared that she would never again return, for those ventured towards the Steppe are lost to time forever. Although, the Willow was cheerful, for it was Jasmine who was enveloped by the Blessing of the Valley of Flowers, a gift from her fisherman who had departed for the Steppe. And, from afar, her father of wood cheered her on as she rode Loea across the Ocean of the Unknown.

After many years, she had finally returned as young as she left. She had the waters of the Blooming Fount coursing through her, thus keeping her eternally young.

Taeyara gave the Willow her blood, her fountain of youth, and died against her father’s mighty roots. Her blood soaked the clearing and turned a pale, luminescent blue. The Willow thanked Adonai for such a child. Loea and the mighty Willow mourned her sacrifice.

Then, Adonai himself descended from the Council with Jasmine at his side, anointing Taeyara as an angel. She awoke as beautiful as ever, this time with the blood of the gods coursing through her. The God of Forgiveness asked if she could serve one purpose: to protect the Anchorage and her blessing that she bestowed upon her father. Taeyara, along with Loea, then lived out their immortal lives as protectors of the Anchorage, granting presence only to they who wish to harm the vie for only moments before those ill-fated fools are met with eternal death in pursuit of their wish for eternal life.

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