My Angelic Jasmine

From the far-off reaches of Jaleem to the enigmatic Ocean of the Unknown

Doth my love for thee extend, saturating every voluptuous mountainside

And in every coursing tributary, as I tenderly embrace thee as my own.


Thine sweet kiss fill me with an undying love towards thine sensation,

An obsession of thine proximity: to be entombed in a mania of deific delight

To which the lokir croon to our irrepressible, enduring, and cooperative adoration


Even the Lady of Myrtle, covetous of thine gaze, a deep ocean of sweet caramel

Resting underneath thine hair, as if silk and as opulently ebon as muted birds

Not even the Swan, nor the Icy Temptress, approaches near to thine mien, a remarkable miracle


From the belligerent unknowns of the Domain and the Steppe of Dejection,

Shall I perpetually resolve the impossibilities that ails my dying mother kingdom

So that we may gambol through the Valley of Flowers, in timeless and careless affection

My fair Jasmine.

-Your beloved fisherman.

Author: codymathews1995

I am a Computer Scientist major and Courtesy Clerk at Vons. I live in San Diego, California.

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