Figure: Amatsukaze Nendoroid (#459)

Today I got my first Nendoroid from Good Smile Company! Ever since I got the prize figure version of Amatsukaze for Christmas from my girlfriend, I could not help myself but get the adorable Nendoroid release of Amatsukaze. It is just so delightful.


She also comes with a lot of different customizations, like different faces, different torso, and even her Rensouhou has different styles to it. I really like the diversity in things you can do, just to switch it up once in awhile.

Of course, never really owning a Nendoroid, I was quite confused when setting it up. Especially the little stand that supports her, I got lost on how to get it to hook up to the base, but it made sense when I looked up some YouTube videos of other figures and saw that some parts connect to make everything else work out.


I greatly recommend this figure. It’s cute, it’s customizable, and it is very high quality. You can pick up a Nendoroid at Good Smile Company’s website by clicking here. I greatly recommend them and am looking forward to getting more.

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