Food Review: Warm Kake Udon

Today, I tried some Warm Kake Udon soup from Mitsuwa Market in Kearny Mesa.

To those who are not familiar with Japanese cuisine, such as myself, udon is a thick noodle made from wheat flour. Alongside other noodles, like soba and yakisoba, udon is one of the most popular noodles served in Japan.

Kake” essentially means a soup without any toppings, so essentially just the soup and the noodles (source: the menu at Mitsuwa). So, you could argue that this soup was plain.

However, despite it being plain, I got to say: it was delicious. With green onions, the stock, and thick noodles, this soup was very filling and delicious. Despite there not being a whole lot going on within this soup, its minimalism proved to be worth every single bite (just like how cheese pizza is for me).

I recommend trying some, especially if you have never really gone head first into Japanese cuisine yet. It goes great with bowl of steamed rice with some soy sauce and is a good “intro” food. I will definitely try it again, but this time with different toppings, like tempura or even fried bean curd. I guess we will see how that goes.

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