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“You are only a little girl, enraptured by a false idol of a king who serves others, but not themselves. ”


The Holy Grail War. A fight between Masters and Servants. Only one pair can remain to ask the Holy Grail to grant their deepest desire, their wish. But people do not choose to be Masters, the Grail merely seeks them out, marks them to fight, for they are individuals with an intense passion to grant a wish that only the Grail can grant.

Although Fate/Zero is not where the conflict began, it is where the show’s roots begin in Fuyuki City at the beginning of the Fourth Holy Grail War. Masters are chosen and they are made to summon their Servants, known heroes from the past to be “resurrected” in order to fight for them. Though, the word “hero” is quite subjective in this scenario. Men and women of good or evil can be summoned to be used in the Holy Grail War, all to obtain the one-time power that the Grail possesses.

Fate/Zero begins with both the Master selection and Servant summoning process, establishing the major characters and their similar or strikingly different personalities, especially when relating the Masters and their Servants. The show does a good job taking note on these similarities and these differences, helping in identifying who is compatible and who is incompatible with one another. With these personalities, I personally found each character to be quite enjoyable, even if some are detestable at the least. They are all so unique, even if bearing some semblance of another.

At the same time, the show’s animation, especially during fight scenes is quite impressive. The fights are fights, unlike many flashes and blurs of fights in other anime. The art of combat is seen and, although evident in their words, their feelings towards one another are seen in how they face each other, as some hold more respect towards others. It provides a very unique and pleasant viewing experience, especially with all the twists and turns one might expect from a story.


I greatly encourage anyone who likes anime, or who is looking for a good show to watch, to watch Fate/Zero. It has easily become one of my favorite shows to date. As soon as I was finished watching all 2 seasons, 25 episodes in whole, I almost wanted to re-watch it immediately. However, being but one of many installments (but not the first) in the Fate series, my journey had only begun.

Below are links to watch it now in either dub or sub (I always prefer sub, though):

If you intend to watch it, please let me know how you felt about it. I always enjoy talking about the Fate series.

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