Album Review: Nights Like These by Alex Lievanos

Alex Lievanos’ new EP is out!

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I had the pleasure of listening to Alex Lievanos‘ new EP Nights Like These © and I have got to say, I am profoundly impressed. Alex Lievanos is a good friend that I had met during high school. We did the Battle of the Bands during senior year and I have plenty of good memories with him. To see another one of his works release always fills me with joy and I cannot wait to talk more about it.

The Tracks

It starts off nicely with Nights Like These from the ground up with a killer and steady baseline where the rest of the instruments and his soft vocals join in later. He quite literally invites “you for the ride of your life” (Nights Like These), designing a platform for which the rest of the EP and the story can flourish upon this foundational single.

And while Nights Like These fades out, leaving you hungry for more, Alex kept business going with Creeps. At this point, I could no longer hold back the dancing. It complemented Nights Like These so well, but held its own identity in the same magnitude. It theatrically describes a questionable and alluring woman that you find yourself drawing towards, even though her very existence drives you insane and leaves you tumbling down into eventual ruin.

This ruin is evident in You Said, being more slow and emotional. It really changed things up, especially with the more regretful lyrics and the gentle guitar solo. The lyrics were phenomenal as they carried such a heavy emotional burden over such heartbreak, elaborating how the woman in topic of the EP “really should be ashamed” (You Said) for what they did to cause a tear of heart.

And as though heartbreak had seemed to settle deeply within You Said, confidence and a desire to move on shines through with Opt Out, the final track in the EP. It serves as a good bye to the woman in question, as Alex sings “don’t you dare tell me you miss me” (Opt Out). It is clear within the lyrics and the melody that, although pain was met, the show must move on.

Final Thoughts

This EP is a must listen to. Alex Lievanos is such a talented musician with a story to tell, emotions to convey, and potential to demonstrate. I absolutely love this EP and eagerly wait his newer material as I had done so with this masterpiece.

My personal favorite track is Nights Like These, for those curious.

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I have also, just for fun, decided to summarize the EP in one sentence.

It was Nights Like These that I remember how you gave me the Creeps about what You Said to me, but thank God, I chose to Opt Out from your life and the lies it had, so that I could live my own life away from such pain.

Of course, Alex will be the true judge of this interpretation.

So, from me to Alex:

Keep up the great work, man! You’re doing great!

All rights to the music discussed belong to Alex Lievanos, creator and copyright owner of the Nights Like These © EP and other related material.

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