I am currently attending Cuyamaca Community College in order to achieve my Associate’s for Transfer into the University of California, San Diego. I will use the Associate’s to begin my journey into acquiring a Ph.D in Computer Science with a minor in Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences.

I have worked at Boomers as a ride operator, Ross as a Front End Supervisor, and Vons as a Courtesy Clerk. At each job, I performed in such a way that exemplified what true customer service should be: honest, patient, and determined for both the customer and the people I work with. I treat people fairly, or to be specific: like individuals, not members of a generalized group.

I also like to write and draw. I currently am working on a post-apocalyptic novel called The Ruins of Desolation and creating a fantasy world called Ma’as that I will occasionally post stories and details about on my blog.

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