Welcome to the tutoring hub! Please view the following details carefully as I precisely adhere to them.

What I Can Tutor:

  1. Math
    • Pre-Algebra
    • Algebra
    • Calculus 1, 2, 3
    • Linear Algebra
  2. Physics
    • Kinematics
    • Electricity
    • Magnetism
  3. English
    • Up to Advanced Composition
  4. Computer Science
    • Introductory Java Programming
    • HTML, CSS, JavaScript
  5. Biology
    • Introductory Biology

How I Prepare

Before actually engaging in the session, I always gather content from several textbooks and outside reading material in order to provide the student many opportunities to grasp the material. These materials are meant to be read to be understood. If something is not clear, even in the reading materials I have provided, I greatly demand (yes, demand) that you do further research on what you find confusing.

I also make sure to rehearse teaching the material to other people, like my girlfriend, in order to ensure my delivery is as easy as to understand as possible.

I present material in either:

  1. Powerpoints
  2. Word Documents
  3. Hand-written notes
  4. Whiteboard examples
  5. A mixture of some of the above

How I Schedule the Session

Each session is comprised of several sections, many of which encourage the student to actively discuss the material with me and even with themselves.

Depending on the duration and needs, I will set up the session accordingly to what is necessary.

Click here for an example of the one-hour session schedule.

These schedules are subject to change, but reflect a majority of what I will be doing.

Important Reminders

Keep in mind, I will not do or help you do your homework, unless you pay me specifically to do just that.

My tutoring sessions are meant to guide you on a road to understand the material so that you can do the homework, the tests, or even apply this material in ways you had never thought before.

I am open to communication on my e-mail or cell phone if you have a quick question, but will not tutor you over it, unless you wish to do a paid voice or video chat session.

My number is (619) 606-5604 and my e-mail is codymathews1995@gmail.com.

I will also be occasionally posting material on my website covering a myriad of topics. If you wish for me to cover something, please contact me here.


Personal/Video/Voice Tutoring:

  • $20/hour

**If you schedule to do an hour session, you will only be charged for that hour only, even if I go slightly over.**

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