The Spit of Xanderiev

An exchange of letters, a personal diary, and a report detailing about the oddities that had occurred at the Xanderiev estate in Priapus, Cyprus.

The Sentry’s Diary, I

6 Ebon Frost 2309

The tiny man keeps ogling me funny. I feel the wanderer will do harm to Master Irthyn. I must study and eliminate him, if the need comes. Nieo says it’s a waste of time. The fool.

I shadowed this man down the square and tried grabbing him. But he spat at me and ran off. That fucking whoremouth. It stung. I must to dress my wounds. My wrists look like shit.

Before sunset, I left to Master Irthyn and spoke about the situation and he assured me it was to be of no alarm. Even though his words continually comforted me, Irthyn’s skepticism filled me with more unease. Who is this little Jynar?


A Letter to Jynar, I

The breath of the tormented is deteriorating, but the testing must carry on. Please, if you might, fetch me quite a few phials of morg’s blood and orcish toenails. The specimen’s phlegm has steadied the solution. The bulbs have developed healthily like the fruit. We’re closer to perfection. Keep this a secret, especially from that watchman: the one with the absent arm. He is gradually presenting the familiar signs. I will make arrangements to retrieve him once he falls under.



A Letter to Ranyj, I



The guard saw me leave the facility, he’s growing apprehensive. I’ll bring you the components come twilight. It’s too risky to head to you directly. I can tell he’s slowly succumbing to the disease, bulbs were emergent on his upper body. He had his shirt torn off. But his bulbs are glowing and dripping purple, not yellow. Haven’t seen the Black Tree produce that before. I will keep a close eye on him, but he’ll be doing the same to me.




The Sentry’s Diary, II

7 Ebon Frost 2309

I caught the whoremouth sneaking out of Xanderiev estate, carrying a sack of stolen goods. I tried chasing him, but he was too quick a louse. Also, too, ever since last dark, foul spots have been growing on my chest. The spots began to hurt like shadowflame after a while of chasing him. It got so bad that I had to stop, one of them popped and was dripping. I remember seeing a pile of ants being drowned by the strange, purple liquid that came out from my chest. I passed out after a while. I lost so much blood.

I came to around an hour later with Nieo kicking me. The fool said I had too much to drink. Nieo took me to Irthyn and he passed me a shirt and some potions to treat the spots. It made them feel better.

Before going to bed, I looked outside the window and stared at the estate until the moon dangled over it and reflected off of a window sprouting from the attic. And for a second, I could see a dark figure staring right back at me before he pushed himself away from my sight.


A Letter to Jynar, II



My gratitude for the ingredients, but be more cautious. That guard is stubborn. I’ve conjectured what could be the root of this purple “toxin”, but naught makes sense. The brute is incapable of employing magic and astute herbology. We already have enough substance to touch the whole city, but it is too soon, too evident. Do away with the guard, but make sure you are able to fathom what this purple bulb does afore taking his life.




A Letter to Ranyj, II


I haven’t seen the watchman in days. The gent who he guards seems oblivious of his presence, too. It’s unsettling. I think we should dispose of the tormented. How is the specimen? Has he decayed any further?



A Letter to Jynar, III



The tormented will stay in the Grotto and be used for testing until the ultimate provisions are met. I’ve almost gathered enough of the substance for assurance, in case anything goes wrong.  The specimen is ready for insertion, however. He will be the catalyst when the skies are clear.


As for the guard, he likely acquiesced to the infection. I have found residue of his drippings from where and found out that a family of ants have been formed from the bodies of older, dead ones that likely the guard left behind. I assume this purple liquid is the cure, though I am not sure if it cures them or revives them in a different form. He is not dead, he might be worse. The guard must perish before we discharge the poison and before he can find us. Find him Jynar. Find him and slay him.




The Sentry’s Diary, III

9 Ebon Frost 2309

My head. Pain. Woke up in gutter. Dog shit. Writing, speech bad. Wrong me? Jynar. Monkeyman. Whoremouth. Must find, kill. Irthyn must saved. No put words nice. Look in water, face mean. Covered in bubbles. Red blood. People scared. Cried hours.


Dead cat. Cut wire. Blood drip on cat. Cat’s eyes blinked. Cat walk away meowing. Found dead mouse. Blood on mouse make mouse breath. Jynar make this. Kill him.


Nieto no let me see Master. Says I sick. I kill Nieto. I no bleed on him. Master see me. Scared. Master sick. I bleed on him. Sick go way. Master face tight. Master tell leave. My sad.


Jynar make this. Jynar die. I kill. No bleed on him. I go Xanderiev. Jynar die.


A Letter to Ranyj, III



You were right! I found the sentry! He’s grown unpleasant with the boils. He’s also killed the other sentry. His master, Ithryn had also contracted the poison, but he cured it! You were right! He also does not seem to be himself and has lost a significant amount of vocal ability but has gained a tremendous amount of strength. The other sentry was torn apart limb by limb. He threw his head all the way down the alley.


I also overheard him grunting himself about the estate. I’m chasing after him now. Lock the doors.




A Letter to Jynar, IV



I spoke to his Master, Ithryn, and told him about the sentry. His name is Liyel and I told him that he is meaning to set Xanderiev’s estate on fire. I am not too sure if that is his true intentions, but it convinced Ithryn to take this matter into his own hands.


Also did you know Xanderiev had a son? Funny. I wasn’t aware he even had one.




The Sentry’s Diary, IV

9 Ebon Frost 2309

Xanderiev house not far. Scaffold fell. I let lots blood. People scream. I run. Sun run ‘way. Cold. So cold. Pain hurts. Kill. Kill Jynar.


See Jynar. Knife. He try stab, but I break hand. I hear Master’s shout. Master hold crossbow. Tell me stop. He shoot arrow. Blood spill. My head hurt. I wrap hand around Master’s neck. He stabs chest. Cold breath. I cry. I spill blood on Master. He awake and bash fists on chest. I tear head off. Master no like me.


Jynar gone. Must find Jynar. Head sleepy. Kill Jy–.


A Letter to Ranyj, IV



The sentry is dead. He killed Ithryn, but brought him back alive with his blood and then killed him again. We should let loose the poison now before his blood revives him somehow.


Ready the specimen, Ranyj. Before it’s too late.




The Sentry’s Diary, V

10 Ebon Frost 2309

Woke. Head hurt. Master dead. Jynar need die. I need die. Not til Jynar die. Leg hurt. Chest hurt. Crawled to Xanderiev. Door left open. Dark. Smell sweat. Moaning hear. Upstairs. Crawl upstairs. Find cages. Monsters in cages. Screaming. Crying. One look like Master. One look like Nieto.


I go up to Master. He attack but lock in cage. I kill him. I kill Nieto.


I find statue. Statue Xanderiev. I pick up. Wall open. Go wall. Dark. Swampy. Find tree. Tree moaning. On tree man. I touch man. He look me. Tell me about poison. Xanderiev never dead. Poison kill town. Say my blood fill with cure. He take my blood. Die peacefully.


Leave tree. Spill blood monsters. Monsters come human. Run away. Upstairs. See Jynar. Jynar talk to self. Letters floor. Letters ceiling. Letters walls. Jynar attack. I break leg. Jynar call himself Jynar, then Ranyj. Jynar spit yellow. White bubbly mouth. I pour blood in Jynar mouth. He calm. He stab heart. I pop head.


I save home. Liyel name. I save town. Maybe world. Eyes blurry. I die. Remember. Remember Liyel.


The Peculiar Case at Xanderiev Estate

11 Ebon Frost 2309

Sparrow Yino Kaine

Office of Security in Priapus


Upon the 10th of the Ebon Frost, S.E. 309, a swarm of naked individuals rushed into the Office reporting cases that they were “kidnapped and tortured”. We took each of them in, summing up to a total of 38 individuals, and inquired upon them the details of their case. They had told us that a man named Jynar kidnapped them and performed a series of biochemical tests upon them within the confines of the Xanderiev Estate, previously thought to be abandoned. Many said that the recently murdered Lord Ithryn, and son of the deceased Lord Xanderiev, was there undergoing the same treatment, despite his death by a member of his security detail who, at the time was unnamed.


Following this morn, my team and I scoured the Xanderiev Estate. I still cannot believe what I had seen. We saw the bodies of Lord Ithryn and a member of his security detail, Nieto. We found a secret passageway that led to an underground grotto where a giant, black tree with yellow berries stood tall. Beneath the tree was, shockingly, Lord Xanderiev himself lying dead with a smile on his face. We continued to look around the estate and eventually reached the top-most floor where a ladder led to the large attic. In the attic were two dead corpses and an unsurmountable array of letters, many which were just scribbles. We identified the body of the bigger corpse and found out that he was the security detail, Liyel, that killed Ithryn. The other one couldn’t be identified, but his skin hugged tightly to his body as if he was previously suffering an aggressive disease prior to death.


We removed the bodies and collected the legible letters that we found and, upon Liyel’s corpse, we collected his journal to gather evidence. They are enclosed with this report and I believe they will come as a shock.


The unidentified body was name Jynar and it appears that he suffered a dual-personality mental disorder and wrote letters to himself. He called his alternate self Ranyj and wrote to him about a conspiracy to poison the town. Examining Lord Xanderiev’s body and the yellow berries at the black tree, we find that he had lived underneath there for a very long time. He ate the berries for nourishment, but it also imbued Xanderiev with a terrifying poison that was easily accessible through his spit. He could not die from the poison, but his corpse showed that he was merely a carrier of it.


Jynar intended to kill all of Priapus with this poison, or even worse. However, his body showed signs that he was undergoing the poison as well, so he needed to act quickly. Liyel was trying to stop Jynar, as he always had suspicion for him and ended up damaging his brain, reducing his ability to speak and write. He killed Ithryn as he did not understand what he had to do and, oddly enough, his blood reacted differently with the poison and made a purple substance that would be able to cure the poison.


I suggest filling away this report as soon as it is read and documented. We already have enough fear spreading throughout Priapus as it is.


With regards,